Kirkby memories
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Kirkby is a town in Merseyside. Situated
roughly about 6 miles north-east of central
Liverpool. It was developed from the 1950s
through to the 1970s as a means to house
the overspill of Liverpool.
Dave Coogan’s family relocated to Kirkby
from Liverpool’s Scotland Road in the late
1950’s. “There was practically nothing there
at the time!” Dave recalls, “we’d been
surrounded by shops and pubs in town, but
in Kirkby we had to rely on local ‘vans’ for our
shopping  and my dad had to put his wellies
on and walk across a huge farmers field to
get to the nearest pub!”
“It had a terrible name in the 60’s and 70’s”
says Dave “but to be honest it was a great
place to grow up. We used to love the stock
car racing at Kirkby Stadium and St Kevin’s
Comp (rows 2 & 3) certainly made a man
out of you!.”